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What I learned: Part 3


Blogging, blogging, blogging. And we’ll add some more blogging and a little bit more blogging to this quarter. Like I said in Part 1, this quarter we’ve done a lot of blogging in our Multimedia class. A lot of blogging and posting on many different hosting sites. Something that is important to think about when starting your online presence is what you could call a personality. Your style, the way you want people to view your work and they way they look at you. The image you want to give off. This is so important. As a photographer, a lot of the time not only are you selling your work, but you’re selling yourself, your personality to clients. Details are very important; background color, font type, font size, link color, title bar, header, photo layout, too many words, too little words, this could go on and on. Things that you must think about if you want your blog to be successful. Like I said before, be intentional. Don’t be afraid to take criticism. Others people looking at your blog help a lot! Change things, try things, and experiment. I definitely have learned a lot about changing and trying this quarter. I’m still changing and trying, and it probably won’t stop.

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What I learned: Part 2

Another thing I learned this quarter is photojournalism. Photojournalism class is interesting. Everyone kept saying that it is a very difficult class… And I would have to agree to a certain extent. Like in every class, if you do the homework and the work assigned to you, you’ll usually get a good grade. That seemed to be the thing that I tried to do. I wanted to keep turning in something, even if it was terrible, at least it was something. Something is usually always better than nothing.

I realized when taking this class that I’m a self conscious photographer. I would like to think that I have a little photo-journalistic blood in me… Read the rest of this entry »

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What I learned: Part 1

This will be a three part entry of things I learned this quarter at school.

I learned in multimedia class to do what Mr. Jones gives you to do… In other words, do your homework and you’ll be fine :). Be prepared to blog your face off. 10 blog posts a week = an insane amount of writing, photographing, searching, editing, and posting. Because of this class though, I feel like I know my way around a blog. Whether WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr… I feel like a pro. I see in other people’s blogs what drive me nuts and things that keep me coming back. Words to those of you who blog, update at least once a week and post pictures that are bigger than a postage stamp.

I can say I know my way around Twitter and Facebook, as well as Pixel Pipe and Flickr. The main thing I learned in this class was how important an online presence is. You need to create a “web” for yourself so you can be higher on the search in Google. 🙂 Get your name plugged in anywhere you can. Let each site be consistent so everything flows and works off each other. Online presence is important, I mean, how many people pick up the phone and call you these days, it’s mainly e-mail communication. Be intentional, be thoughtful, and be professional.

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For out next project in Advanced portraiture we are doing fashion. I was aiming for field, sun, and vintagey. I am pleased with the outcome! Can’t wait for critique. Model: Jessica Yates


Braedon Photography

New find photographer! I found Braedon on Green Wedding Shoes. I love his work. It looks simple and easy. I love the colors and the use of the sun of course! Check out Braedon’s blog here!

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Tumblr Photography Blogs

For our final project in my multimedia class, we’ll have to make a Tumblr blog. Our assignment for our final this week was research Tumblr blogs… so here are some that I found:

The Awesome Photography Blog: The reason I like this blog is because it show cases photography that motivates and inspires. I enjoy blogs like that. 🙂 As far as the layout, I think it does what it needs to do. I wish the side bar was a little smaller, but the color scheme is great and simple.

if you leave: This blog is really really simple! My goal in life, keeping everything simple. I really like how the side bar doesn’t move, and the pictures are larger! The photos on this site are beautiful too. The thing I don’t like about it is there isn’t a lot of information on it. I wish there was more words(surprisingly) from the author of the blog.

samesies: What I like about this blog is not only the simplicity but also the content. It’s a blog about how easy it is to take the same picture someone else takes. Awesome!

Jessica Fletcher: Simple, simple, simple!! That seems to be the theme with Tumblr blogs. I like simple, but I still wish there was a little bit more about the author of the blog.

No Content: The thing I like about this blog is the fact that there are more than just one image on each post. I also like the uniqueness of the background image.

Simple… simple seems to be the theme amongst tumblr blogs. If you like simple tumblr seems to be a good option. I’m curious to see how the layouts and option behind the scenes are!

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Stunning Tuscany Wedding

This stunning Tuscany wedding caught my eye from the beginning. I love pastel colors. I love the pastely feel to these photographs! Just gorgeous! Tuscany is definitely on my travel bucket list now! Photographer: Simply Bloom.

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Day After

I’m finding, of the wedding photographers that I follow, that “day after” shoots are really great! I’ve heard of the “trash the dress” shoots before. I know those can be fun, but I get sick at the thought of trashing a really expensive dress that the bride only gets to wear once. The solution? Day after shoots. Another reason to dress up and take beautiful photos!! Photographer I enjoy: Lucida Photography

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Rebekah Joy Photography Expands!

Rebekah Joy Photography is expanding. For school I’ve gotten the chance to expand my photography and tap into different hosting sites for my photos. You can now find me on:

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